It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

Does this sound familiar to anybody? It’s from the New York Times last year, in an op-ed about wind power:

First a few large landowners, usually farmers who have been in the area forever, are approached about signing up. At the same time, town supervisors and  members of the town planning board, who are often landowners themselves, are targeted. Those who are approached are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from telling their neighbors what is going on. The result is that when the news does get out, an aura of inevitability has already been established; the feeling is “this is so big and so far advanced that there’s nothing we can do.”

Another result is the splitting of the town into two factions; the long-time “locals” and the “downstaters” or “outsiders” or “latecomers” (you’re a latecomer of you’ve lived there 20 years) who more often than not have the numbers but are weak politically because they are registered to vote in another state.

That’s just what the wind-energy forces planned. They look for relatively poor areas that display the desired population demographic — farmers with large landholdings and newcomers with large incomes — and then they pit the two constituencies against each other.– Former friends and once-friendly neighbors no longer talk to each other. Nasty signs and even nastier words pop up everywhere.

It’s extremely frustrating to think that we’re just the latest page in the Big Energy Company playbook. They’re coming into Reading Township, intentionally creating divisions where we never had issues before, pitting neighbor against neighbor and somehow we’re the ones who are causing problems?

Read the whole article here. Change some names and you’ve got what Duke is doing here in our community.

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