Last Night’s Meeting

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend Monday’s Township Board meeting. By our rough count there were more than 200 people there! We’ve added links to the documents we passed out at the meeting on our links page. Be sure to check them out.

Duke Energy’s representative was there as well, all but accusing Save Reading of fear mongering and spreading false information. A quick scan of the internet shows that this is what they do in every community, trying to pit different groups in the community against each other. We’d like to address that charge:

We’re not anti-renewable energy. We’re not anti-wind energy. We simply want to make sure that any project of this scale — according to the site Duke just put up to “inform” everyone about the “Hillsdale County Wind Project,” their proposed turbine project will take up 10,000 acres — is handled as responsibly as possible.

It’s interesting that a huge utility company based in North Carolina, a company that has had no dealings anywhere near Reading Township before they started trying to build a turbine project here, is trying to claim that Save Reading is actually a group of “outsiders” who “may or may not live here.”

Who, exactly, are the outsiders?

Why, exactly, should we be willing to believe that the largest utility company in the country, one that will potentially receive millions in federal subsidies to put wind turbines in our community, has the best interests of Reading Township at heart?

Duke says they’re in touch with “stakeholders” in the community. However, the community’s stakeholders aren’t just the several individuals who hold leases to put turbines on their land. Everyone who lives here and owns property here is a stakeholder. And we deserve real answers, not just platitudes.

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