Questions: Answered? Not so much.

Thanks to everyone who attended this evening’s Township Board meeting.

Before it was time to dig into township business, there was time allotted on the agenda for “public comment.” Anyone who wished to speak was told they could come up to the front of the room, state their name and say their piece.

As might be expected, every single public comment was regarding Duke Energy’s proposed wind turbine installation. Some comments were pro-wind farm. Some were against. Some people said they were not against wind power but simply wanted the township to take more time to consider the ramifications of industrial wind turbines before permits are issued. Some individuals asked direct questions of the board, hoping for some kind of response. Some people spoke twice. Some comments on each side of the issue garnered applause.

Every comment had something in common: The board simply refused to respond to anyone at all — except to say that they would not respond.

We would like to add another question to the already lengthy list: Why?

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