This could be our future – Consider this a Warning

This is what it looks like when there is a 476 foot turbine 1,139 feet from your home.


We received this photo and email from a family in Ludington, MI.  Their location may be different but the circumstances are identical to ours here in Reading.

“Please give me the e-mail address of the board members.  I would like to write a comment and let them know the implications of their decisions. 

Please find the attached picture of our home now recently surrounded by turbines out each and every of our twenty windows. This is what a 476’ turbine looks like at 1139’ from our homes property line.  I took this picture. Our planning commission approved 40 dba and then rescinded their vote because Consumers Energy objected.  We now have 45 dba. 45 dba allows turbines unacceptably close to non-participants homes.  DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!!!!!! 

Please each of you, fight as hard as you can, comment, stand up, once you lose, you lose everything and you lose it forever.Believe me, we have lost everything we loved about living here.  It is all gone and never coming back. 

Very Sincerely, Cary Shineldecker”

This is why it’s so important to retain our current ordinance which measures from the property line, not your bedroom window.

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