This is representative government?

On Monday, August 13 the Reading Township Board of Trustees held a Public Meeting regarding Duke Energy’s proposed changes to their Wind Energy ordinance.  Here’s a video of a portion of that meeting:

The meeting was primarily theater, as it was clear from the outset that the Board (with one holdout) had made up their minds to rubber-stamp the changes, which will allow higher sound levels and fewer protections to residents of Reading Township.

The combative tone of the meeting was set by the Board itself, led by Andy Barnhart.

It appears that one of his problems is that the sound expert used by the Township two years ago (when nobody knew anything about turbines) didn’t come to the conclusion Barnhart wanted him to. This is clear by Barnhart’s repeated insistence that the planning commission should have hired an expert to “defend” the wind industry.

Those in favor of keeping the ordinance as it was originally written presented a petition signed by 579 residents and taxpayers, which you can see is treated with open disdain. Those with dissenting opinions are clearly dismissed out-of-hand.

It’s a sad commentary on the state of local government in Reading Township that an immense, federally subsidized corporation can come in, demand changes to local laws that will work in its favor, and get exactly what it wants regardless of the wishes of the citizenry.

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