The amount of misinformation advanced by proponenets of Proposal 3 is astounding!

If Proposal 3 is approved on November 5th, the number of turbines in Michigan will grow to over 3800!

According to the Mackinaw Center, advocates and opponents of the 25-percent mandate disagree over how many turbines will be needed. Michigan currently has 292 wind turbines in operation with another 240 expected to be online by 2014.

To meet the 25-percent mandate, estimates range from 2,300 to 3,790 more turbines will be needed.

CARE for Michigan issued this press release to address ads on TV that are misleading and insinuate blatantly false statements.  Consider how inefficient wind energy is and how the landscape of our beautiful state will be affected if this proposal passes.

Please Vote No on Proposal 3.

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