Duke suspends project.

Duke has suspended the Reading, Allen, and Cambria Townships wind project.  They weren’t able to sell the power (Purchase Power Agreement PPA) to either DTE or Consumers Energy.

Here is the letter that Duke sent to their lease holders stating that they are ‘suspending’ the project.

What does this mean to us?

  • First and foremost this is GREAT NEWS!
  • No turbines will be installed in Reading Township for the foreseeable future.  Suspension is not cancellation, but Duke’s inability to sell the power makes it impossible for them to begin any construction until at least 2014.
  • Our efforts for the February referendum MUST continue.  The ordinance, which includes the Duke changes, regulates ANY wind companies who may want to do business here.  Our referendum returns the protections that we need for all residents.
  • What about all the leases that Duke holds?  We have a copy of a lease so we will do some homework and try to answer some of the following questions:
    • What does project suspension mean to the leaseholders?  These are long term leases.
    • Are the leases cancelled?
    • Will Duke sell the leases to another company who will resurrect the project?
    • Will Duke continue payment to the leaseholders in order to maintain the hold on their property?

    There are lots of questions for the leaseholders and lots to think about and research for us. We will do our best to get answers.

We have made a difference in this effort.  Even though Duke is suspending the project because they couldn’t sell the power, we believe that we helped by delaying the project.

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