Here’s what we’ve been doing to get out the vote on February 26. Be sure to VOTE NO.

In January we sent this document to Reading Township voters.  In addition, we sent over 400 DVD’s showing a Dekalb, Illinois family’s experience with wind turbines to township residents.  We also have seven 4×8 billboards placed strategically around the township.

On February 26, 2013, YOU have the opportunity to vote to repeal the “Duke Amendments” to Reading Township’s Wind Energy Ordinance.

 The Duke amendments remove the protections of the original ordinance.  Repeal the Duke amendments

Return to the original ordinance.

VOTE NO on February 26

 Reading Township wind project Facts: 

·       Duke asked, and the board approved, an amendment to the wind ordinance which removes significant protections for all Reading Township residents.  

·       Duke got what they asked for, then cancelled the leases and left town.

 Ordinances should be about protecting all of us all the time, not about what one

large company asks for to build a specific wind project.  Returning to the original ordinance will restore those protections for ALL citizens of Reading Township.

 What are the Duke Changes?

Measuring turbine noise at your house instead of at your property line.

 What does this mean to you?

·       The original ordinance measured noise from your property line.  This protected your yard, your children’s swing set, your pond, and your tree stand.

·       The Duke amendment measures noise from your bedroom window/front door.  

·       AND future construction, on your own property, is no longer protected.

 Raising acceptable noise levels AND changing the way the noise is measured.

 What does this mean to you?

·         The original ordinance allowed for a Maximum noise level of 40dB. The amended ordinance allows for an AVERAGE of 45dB, measured over an hour’s time.

·         Because noise would be measured as an average, the noise allowed will be higher.   Sustained peak levels will also be higher. 

·         It will be virtually impossible for anyone to determine if or when sound levels are not in compliance.

·         How will you be able to measure?  How will different times and conditions affect sound measurements?  Will you be able to replicate the conditions?

·         Wind turbine noise is affected by weather and other atmospheric conditions, and turbines are often loudest at night when there is more wind.

·         The noise level you hear doubles with every 10dB — going from 40 to 45dB is the sound equivalent of speeding up from 40 mph to 60 mph in your car.)

 Duke has cancelled its leases, suspended its operations in Reading Township and left town, but they or another energy company could return with another wind turbine project proposal at any time. We need to have an ordinance in place that is fair both to potential leaseholders as well as their neighbors — an ordinance that protects ALL residents of Reading Township.  Protect our township; protect your family and your property. 

Repeal the “Duke Amendments”

 VOTE NO onFebruary 26

 ·         The Reading Township zoning ordinance can be found on the following link: – see pages 61 – 71 of the Zoning Ordinance of Reading Township



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