What life is like in the shadow of turbines

The following letter was sent to the Hillsdale and Coldwater newspapers.  This will be our reality if the Duke amendments are approved by Reading Township voters.


My name is Cary Shineldecker.  My wife and I life in Riverton Township, Mason County, Michigan, between Ludington and Pentwater.  I understand that Reading Township has a community and county changing vote coming up regarding zoning ordinance amendments. These amendments were not submitted by residents of the Reading Township or even residents of Hillsdale County.  These amendments were applied for by a huge energy company, Duke Energy, who simply would like to create negligently permissive industrial wind turbine zoning within Reading Township and Hillsdale County.   I am very familiar with these type amendments because Consumers Energy did the same thing in my community and now my family, my neighbors and my community have to live with the consequences.   When this happened to us, we had no one to warn us, no outside citizens to help.   I am requesting that you place my letter to the editor that I have written in your paper in letters to the editor, as others see it, or in opinions, before the election in Reading Township.

The zoning ordinances that Duke has applied for would be more permissive than we have and our impacts are devastating for many of us, including my family, that live closest to these huge industrial machines.   I am attaching both the letter and a picture that I took of my home as Consumers Erected a Vestas V100 1.8 MW, 476’ tall turbine, 1139’ from my property line and about 1200’ from my former bedroom window.  We now sleep in our basement many nights to protect ourselves from the vibration and noise that penetrates our home.   Please let me know if you would be able to publish this for the sake of your residents and readers.  People will have no idea of the consequences of this vote until it is too late.  

Thank you,  Cary Shineldecker, 3514 W. Kistler Road, Ludington, MI  49431

Text of the letter to the editor follows:

Please Vote to Defeat Duke Energy’s Amendments – Protect Your Community

I am writing to the good citizens of Reading Township about the upcoming referendum vote regarding their wind ordinance amendments put forward by Duke Energy and passed by the Township Board.

I am a resident of Riverton Township, Mason County, Michigan and an unwilling neighbor of industrial wind turbines.  Since beginning operation on Thanksgiving Day, 2012, I can honestly say without reservation that Consumers Energy and their 56 – 476’ Industrial Wind Turbines are absolutely turning in to the most nightmarish bad neighbors imaginable.

Thus far in the past two months since commercial operation began our home is filled with intrusive modulating noise emissions in both high and low-frequency.  These noise emissions cannot only be heard but felt throughout our bodies while in our home.  The sensations of pulsing in our eyes, head, ears and chest are relentless and physiologically disturbing.  Sleep disturbance is routine, headaches and ear pressure are the new normal.  Everything you have researched, read and heard from wind turbine victims around the world is true.

Rumors of neighbors suffering are becoming prevalent, both leased and non-leased people are having significant problems with sleep disturbance, pressure in ears, and severe headaches.  Some people have already left their homes and many are currently making plans to sell and leave, or just leave.  Sleep is a requirement of healthy living and with giant industrial turbines as neighbors; restful sleep seems to be an unachievable physical necessity.  My wife and I have put an air mattress on the floor of a storage room in our basement in order to attempt to seek sanctuary from the relentless pulsations that seem to not be at all inhibited by our homes walls.  Believe me, considering abandoning your home of 16 years  is a daunting thought to consider on a home you have raised your family in.

As it stood, your ordinance at 40 dBA at the property line was on the upper level of what I would now, based on my own living experience, consider adequate.  There simply is no other place to measure setbacks, whether for noise, setbacks, or flicker than the property line.  It is your property, all of it, all the way to your property line.  This is the only satisfactory place to say here is the line, do not cross it.

I personally plead to every Reading Township registered voter to get out and vote in the referendum.  Duke Energy may have left, but the production tax credit still exists, the state mandate continues in place and the dirty wheels of big wind are still turning and Reading Township is squarely in the cross-hairs.  Do not be lulled into a sense of false security.  Get out and Vote and defeat the Duke Energy’s proposed ordinance.  It is your township, you pay the taxes, and you should govern it, not Duke Energy.

Believe me when I say, you do not want to live our new reality.  If you love your home, your neighbors, and your community, do not weaken your zoning protections.  No one cares about you, but you.  I wish you and your community a lifetime of health, safety, and welfare.  May God Bless You.

Very Sincerely,

Cary Shineldecker, Riverton Township, Mason County, Michigan



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