Here are comments made by Don and Eva Richardson at the Zoning Appeals meeting on Septembe 10, 2014 which was to consider a variance request from James Galloway for a wind measurement tower. Their comments convey the sentiments of the majority of Reading Township voters which were clearly heard in the referendum which soundly rejected (71% to 29%) the proposed amendments to the ordinance.

  1. Why should a variance be granted that would so negatively affect the long-time character of our community?  This would be the first steps to changing us from a quiet, rural, farming, residential, recreational area where we enjoy beautiful fields, vegetation, acres of farm crops and lakes to one that looks like an industrial park with no chance of ever returning to the quiet pastoral setting we now have.  Go look around Paulding, Ohio!
  2. As representatives of all Reading Township residents I/we urge you to consider the desire of residents who don’t want a wind farm against the few who do…those who enjoy the area as it is against the few who will benefit financially directly from turbines on their property.  Those not having turbines, who own homes near the affected area will most likely have the value of their property lessened.  Who would want to buy a home in a wind farm?
  3. We are told there are tax benefits BUT there are no specifics available.  We are shown where the farm is to be BUT there are no promises that it won’t be bigger.  We are told there will be jobs for local people but again NO specifics.  Do we have the right skilled people and for how long will the jobs last?  Even if these questions were answered – do we really want to see our community character changed for the financial benefit of a few people?
  4. Current zoning for our township was established after a great deal of thought considering the benefit of all residents allowing people to establish residence that fit the kind of surroundings they liked and wanted to invest in…to allow this variance, sets in motion a gigantic change in that principle after we have invested in our homesteads.  That’s not in the best interest for most people and is very unfair.  With that in mind how can you justify allowing this move to take place?
  5. Board of Review members – if you were asked to approve a variance to allow an airport (even a small one) next to your residence with no promise that it wouldn’t expand and that it would bring revenue to the township without specifics on the amount, would you want that to happen?
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