On Tuesday, the Reading Township Planning Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit for James and Justine Galloway to erect a 195″ meteorological tower.

If you weren’t able to attend the meeting the following videos document what took place.

1) The meeting began. The site plan was reviewed, the chairman indicated that the permit was the first step in development of a wind farm.  Carrie Ziets, an attorney representing the Galloway’s from Traverse City, explains why she believes the permit should be granted, notwithstanding the fact that our ordinance doesn’t provide for a conditional use permit to erect a meteorological tower.

2) Public comments, in favor and opposed. At 8:17 in the video Greg Green, former chairman of our Planning Commission explains why the requested permit must be rejected. Comments from both sides become emotional.

3) Comments continue.  Chair attempts to get meeting under control.  Commissioners make comments.  At 3:58 in the video Commission Secretary Leslie Tonnies explains why the permit shouldn’t be issued as requested and further suggests what could easily be done in order for the Galloway’s to erect the tower.

4) The Commissioners discuss their views on the permit

5) The Commissioners vote to approve the permit, 3 for and 1 opposed.

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