Be Sure to Vote Next Tuesday in the August 2 Primary

It’s important that your voice is heard in choosing our next Township Trustees.  If you are opposed to changes in our zoning ordinance which will degrade the protections we currently have, vote for the candidates who support our position.

Ron Parker, the incumbent running for reelection, has already voted to allow changes to our ordinance once, a decision which was overwhelmingly overturned by Reading Township residents in February 2013 by a margin of nearly 2.5 to 1 with 71% voting to retain the protections of our current ordinance.

Cris Clabaugh was a vocal supporter of the ordinance changes in 2012.

Greg Green has demonstrated, first as chairman of the Reading Township Planning Commission, and later as a concerned citizen, his dedication to protecting the health and welfare of Reading Township residents.  He recognized that Duke Energy’s request to amend our ordinance was not in the best interests of the residents of our community, and, in his capacity as chairman, had the conviction to vote against those revisions.  In addition, he attends most of the Planning Commission and Trustee meetings, providing guidance on procedure to the members of those groups from time to time as requested.

Rick Gripman has indicated that his position on ordinance changes that will impact residents in a significant manner must not be decided by the Township board but by a vote of the residents.

We therefore endorse Greg Green and Rick Gripman for Township Trustees.



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