About Save Reading

Save Reading came together in response to the many concerns we shared over the industrial wind turbine complex that Duke Energy proposed for Reading Township.

In October 2012 Duke suspended their efforts to develop the project when they were unable to sell the power to be generated.

Prior to suspending the project Duke asked the township to revise our zoning ordinance to allow:  1) Measuring turbine noise at your house instead of at your property line and, 2) Raising acceptable noise levels AND changing the way the noise is measured in order to allow significantly higher levels of noise.

The Township trustees agreed to change the ordinance to accommodate Duke Energy notwithstanding receiving significant feedback at Township meetings urging them to reject the amendments.

Township residents forced putting the matter to a referendum which was held on February 26,2013.  Voters, by a margin of 71% to 29% soundly rejected implementation of the amendments.

Notwithstanding the clear intent of township voters, wind proponents are again attempting to develop another industrial wind turbine complex, this time partnering with OwnEnergy, a consulting firm from Brooklyn, New York.

We believe that the many unintended consequences of wind energy are being significantly downplayed or outright ignored by the wind proponents.

Our main concerns are the effects wind turbines will have on property values, property rights, health and welfare of humans and animals, wildlife habitats and natural resources. We believe that building an industrial wind turbine complex of  500 foot tall wind turbines will put our township and all that we value at great risk. There is no doubt that any proposed complex will irrevocably change Reading Township.

We are not against renewable energy; we are staunchly in favor of effective,
efficient and fiscally responsible renewable energy sources.

We do not believe that any wind turbine installation proposed for Reading Township meets any of those criteria.

And finally, we believe that our township government has the responsibility to represent the interests of all township residents, not just the interests of a vocal minority who would benefit financially.