Our Mission

We want to provide unbiased informational resources to all of Reading Township’s residents and property owners.
We believe that the Reading Township trustees must retain the current zoning ordinance regulating industrial wind generation facilities which provides appropriate protections for ALL township residents.
Our zoning ordinance was revised in 2011 after a comprehensive review by the Township Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission’s hard work resulted in rules and standards embedded in our ordinance that define acceptable parameters for any proposed industrial wind project.
The zoning ordinance was amended after more than two years of work and thorough research.
The Township Board summarily ignored all this work and allowed amendment of our ordinance to suit the needs of Duke Energy.  The new amendments significantly reduced the protections and rights of township residents.
Township residents then forced putting the matter of amendment to a referendum which was held on February 26,2013.  Voters, by a margin of 71% to 29% soundly rejected implementation of the amendments.
Any ordinance must protect ALL Reading Township residents and their health and welfare rather than the financial interests of the corporate developer and a select group of property owners.
As Reading Township residents and property owners, all of us have a stake in the decisions our township officials make and the future of this community. We want to ensure that all of our residents interests are considered prior to implementation of any zoning changes.